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If the trails are wet please don't ride them.

Download the Trailforks app from the Play Store or Apps Store to have the trails in your pocket!

Do you want to get involved with helping us maintain our awesome trails? Find out when the next Trail Day is being held HERE.


Don't have time to help out with trail maintenance?

Then you can donate to help with the upkeep of the trails!


There are currently three complete loops marked within the park. All of these loops leave from the main carpark just off The Buckets Way opposite the tip:

- 5km loop - A nice easy loop suited to all levels of riders.

- 10km loop - A little more challenging loop than the 5km and would suit anyone who has a small amount of experience riding on MTB trails.

- 15km loop - An excellent loop for the intermediate and above rider who wants to get a little more raucous in their riding. Stitch it together with a lap of the 10km loop and you'll definitely get a good training ride!

- 20km loop - Up for more of a challenge? This is the loop for you! Taking in some of the best trails in the forest.  It has multiple technical trail features along it including jumps, drops and rock gardens, so make sure you check out the features before you ride them!!


In the near future more loops will appear; however, in the interim you should download the Trailforks app onto a phone to help you navigate the trails.​

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