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THE 2019 PBM HARDROCK SIX HOUR is coming...

June 7, 2019

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August 1, 2018

There's nothing better than getting together with your mates and ponying up for a mountain bike race. It's the thrill of entering your category, training up, turning up on raceday and setting up your race pit. And don't forget the raceday food and coffee to charge your batteries. 


Then it gets serious - Who's in your category? Are you gonna smash them? And are you gonna end up on the podium?


And then there's the schwag.....


Ahhh yes, the free stuff. That's the stuff that we also love.


Last year at the PBM HARDROCK we had just on $16,000 worth of cash and prizes to give out over the weekend. This year, we're nudging closer to $20,000!


How the heck can we have that much stuff to give away? Well, let us tell you what we've got for y'all! Oh, and you can click the images below to find out more about our incredibly generous sponsors!


First and foremost, Thanks must go to all our sponsors, and primarily to Charlie Kennett from Pacific Blue Metal. Without his support and backing we would not be able to run this race. He's a good egg, but he's a bad boy on the MTB! 



This year we have have not one, but TWO luxury weekend giveaways to win.



Firstly, the good folks at Clarendon Forest Retreat are locked and loaded to whisk you and a partner away for the weekend to one of their luxury cottages tucked away in the hills behind the Kiwarrak MTB Park. Every rider is eligible for this prize, which is worth over $500!! All you have to do is be present at the end of the race for a chance to win.


Secondly, our newest accommodation sponsor, Mansfield On The Manning, has also generously given us a luxury weekend getaway for two, to be taken in one of their luxury cottages. To be eligible for this prize you need to attend the Club West/Barrier Signs Pre-race Sign On, on Saturday night the 18th of August at Club West. Once you've done that, it's smooth sailing all the way to the race, and the Mansfield On The Manning luxury weekend giveaway will occur at the end of the race!






Aren't Schwag Bags great? You get your race info and your race plates. But how much of a bummer is it when all there is left in the schwag bag is a bunch of pamphlets? 


Well, Our good friends at Hammer Nutrition are giving us a hand to make sure that doesn't happen. Each competitor will receive a Hammer Gel free from Hammer nutrition. And it doesn't stop there. The legends at KWT are helping out with raceday flats. Each competitor will receive a gas cannister as well.


 Club legend Brucie Pain, who also is the head honcho of Regional Financial Solutions, is coming to the party by providing each and every rider with a super-spanky protein shake making bottle. These things are the shizzle!


 And last but definitely not least, MGLTR Ex-Presidente Pete Matuszny, who also rules over the kingdom of chickens otherwise known as Manning Valley Free Range Eggs, is again giving away thousands of eggs to riders this year. Every competitor will walk away with a dozen farm fresh eggs in their skyrocket just for turning up!


Total prize value for each competitor's Schwag Bag is $34.50. Considering it only costs $40.00 to enter the dang race, you're ahead already!!!



 We've got the prize table stocked with terrific stuff to give away throughout the race and at the end as well. KWT, who import Maxxis Tyres into Australia, have donated some Maxxis tyre sets and KWT floor pumps, and there'll be other prizes on the prize table, thanks to some of our other sponsors.



Firstly, let us say that we're completely humbled